Friday, September 21, 2012

International Peace Day Pinwheel

Today is an International Day of Peace!  Today special activities and celebrations are taking place all across the world.  What a wonderful event to teach and talk with our children about!  Since my son is a little bit older, I asked him what peace meant to him.  He told me it was loving each other and being happy.  My hope is that these simple early lesson's will become his inner voice later on, and that what brings me peace.  I think a great way to emulate peace with your little ones is as simple as an intimate talk, or spending some quiet time in a natural setting.  This year we also did a really fun craft.  We made pinwheels at our local park.  Anyone can can make these super simple pinwheels!  I actually like to put pinwheels in my garden all year long.  I think they are a really fun, and peaceful way to add good vibes and color to our natural environment!  Check out the pinwheel craft we did!

What you need:
*Tack or straight pin
*Pencil with eraser
*Crayons to decorate
Let's get started:
*Cut out  a square, or print just print my template.
*Color the paper to express your feelings about peace!  
*Now cut in from all four corners, leaving about 2 inches uncut.
To create the pinwheel:
*Gently bend (don't fold) one of the cut corners to the center point.
*Skip the next cut corner, and bend the next one.
*Skip and bend until four points meet in the center.
*Then stick the straight pin through all four points of the pinwheel.
Here's ours!

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